Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design 2011-13

Supplementing a print and display ad campaign, the Corcoran People website celebrated the artists, students, faculty, and supporters who made up the institution’s vibrant community.

I initiated a partnership with Behance, an Adobe company, to build Corcoran Portfolios, a platform showcasing the work of Corcoran students, faculty, and alumni.
The Robin Hood Foundation (2006-10)

I commissioned illustrations for this brochure and worked with  the designer on a new, easy-to-follow depiction of the Robin Hood model.

For Robin Hood’s 2009 annual report, I worked with a photojournalist to tell stories about the people served by our organization.

The Robin Hood Responds campaign, which I named and helped to shape, included emotional 
stories about some of the people we helped.

The Museum of Modern Art, 1999-2006

I worked extensively with MoMA’s Education Department to create an interactive experience for kids, Destination Modern Art.

A simple but playful ad raising expectations about the new MoMA while offering reassurance that it would be a familiar experience to longtime museumgoers.

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